Lazy Yoga logo Thai Massage Thai massage consists of a combination of yoga stretches, stimulation of acupressure points, muscle massage and joint manipulation Chavutti Thirumal Chavutti Thirumal or Indian Rope Massage is entirely unique. Your body will be massaged by feet whilst the practitioners balance is held by a suspended rope.   Welcome to Lazy Yoga Offering Thai and Chavutti massage in Fife. Deep, relaxing, de-stressing and revitalising, these ancient techniques relieve tired aching bodies, calm the mind and still the soul. Nuad Bo-Rarn, or Ancient Thai Massage, is a unique form of body therapy dating back to the time of the Buddha. It is often referred to as Lazy Man's Yoga as the deeply relaxing massage delivers the benefits of a yoga workout at the same time. Chavutti Thirumal is an amazing form of massage developed alongside the Kalari martial art system in South India. It translates as 'Massage by foot pressure'. Whilst both of these ancient massage techniques are wonderfully relaxing they are also a great complement to yoga practise and serve as a superb form of sports massage and stress relief. Shivago Komarpaj ( Jivaka Kumarabhacca ) father doctor of Thai Medicine Training Courses Thai Massage Level 1 Perth Yoga Studio November 2014 Click here for more information m: 0750 645 3300 e: Thai Massage
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